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Avoid Bankruptcy with Alternatives.

You’re deep in debt, in way over your head with interest charges and your financial shortcomings are beginning to catch up with you. You’ve been thinking about filing for personal bankruptcy, but you know that it’s a mark that will stay on your credit report for a very long time. A bad credit score will make it harder for you to qualify for loans at reasonable interest rates, which can put you in even deeper in economic trouble in the future.

For many, personal bankruptcy is not necessarily the last resort which is why we offer several alternatives to bankruptcy at D. Thode & Associates. Talk to us about your specific needs.

What If You Could Be Debt Free without Destroying Your Credit?

Bankruptcy isn’t your only option when you get into financial trouble. We can help you look at your finances and see if any other strategy can be used. Debt consolidation is only one of many options that we can help you with. Every one of our clients has their own specific challenges, so we will do our very best to find a solution that fits your exact needs. We know that you already feel overwhelmed, so we will find the solution that gets you back on your feet the fastest. There are many different options available, but we won’t know which one you need until you consult with us.

What If You Could Get More Information for Free?

If you’d like to learn more about resolving your financial troubles without bankruptcy, you can schedule a consultation with us. Your first consultation is completely free. We will look over your situation and discuss your options during that initial meeting.

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We want to help you to get out of debt. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about bankruptcy alternatives like debt consolidation in Kelowna, Kamloops or Penticton. Contact us today for more information.