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Bankruptcy FAQs

There are many questions people want answered prior to making the big decision to file or not to file for bankruptcy.  We have compiled and continue to add to our list of Bankruptcy FAQs.

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Consumer Proposals FAQs

Once you have done your research on the practical and personal implications on bankruptcy, there are things you may want to know more specifically about the process and the legal process and bankruptcy.

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Applying for personal bankruptcy releases you from your debts and gives you a fresh financial start. We’ll help you prepare documentation for bankruptcy and walk you through the proess.

Consumer Proposals

Let us negotiate a payment plan for you though the filing of a consumer proposal. You don’t have to file for bankruptcy. Pay your creditors on a modified payment schedule with no further interest.

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Should you require bankruptcy solutions and counselling outside of Burnaby & Area, D. Thode & Associates has several offices to serve you throughout British Columbia.

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