What to Do when you get Collection Calls

By May 5, 2021 Blog
What to do when collection calls start. We can help make arrangements that work

During the past year many have struggled with keeping up with bills. Unable to work or cut back in hours, can definitely be a challenge. None of us expected this until the pandemic hit and changed the way ‘normal’ looks and feels.

To add to our frustration, anyone who has missed a bill payment or two knows what it is like to get a call from a collection agency. Not a great feeling by any stretch. However, when you are in over your head in debt, those calls come from many different places, and collection agencies do not always follow the rules.

If a debt collection agency calls you, determine first whether the collection agent is actually collecting on a debt that belongs to you. These days it is not uncommon for a collection agent to call you about somebody else’s debts, especially if that someone else has a similar name to yours. It is also common for collection agents to call about a debt you’ve already paid off.

So, get as much information as you can about what the debt collector is calling about: who the debt is owed to, how much the debt is for, and when the debt started. If the details are not familiar, look at your statements to confirm whether the debt indeed is yours, and if the amount is correct.

Do all these things before you acknowledge the debt or make any arrangements to pay it off.  If you have paid the debt, provide proof of payment to the debt collection agency, and that should be enough to eliminate the phone calls. If the debt isn’t yours, communicate this to the debt collector and contact the original creditor to confirm the information.

Getting into too much debt is a tough place to be, not a life sentence. When you are ready to put a permanent end to harassing creditor calls, talk to one of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees at D. Thode & Associates.

Whether it’s through financial debt and credit counselling, a consumer proposal or filing for bankruptcy, we can help you take steps to make sure you’re never afraid to answer the phone again!

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