Filing Bankruptcy in Coquitlam B.C.

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Filing Bankruptcy in Coquitlam B.C

We are fully Licensed Insolvency Trustees with a local office in Coquitlam and several other locations throughout the Province of British Columbia since 2003.

If you are considering filing  bankruptcy or are in current financial difficulty and you live in Port Moody or surrounding areas, we offer full remote consultation through online conferencing.

What we are observing in Coquitlam B.C.

  • Cost of living, specifically housing, is so expensive, people find it difficult to service debts.
  • Individuals facing a loss or decrease in income due to illness or job loss. 
  • Lack of budgeting or money management skills.

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Bankruptcy Consultation

Individuals who are unable to meet their debt obligations can file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada). This process can be stressful. We have the expertise to guide individuals through the process and make sure that you understand your rights.

D. Thode & Associates Inc., Licensed Insolvency Trustees.

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Popular Questions

You will have relief from all of your creditors. When you file for bankruptcy, your trustee will see that you no longer have to worry about or deal with your creditors directly. You may also benefit from the termination of wage garnishment, if applicable. The bankruptcy process is designed to get you back on your feet more quickly, relieving you of financial stress.

Your trustee will handle all aspects of the bankruptcy process on your behalf. This includes drafting legal documentation, dealing with creditors, setting personal budget and payment schedule, and distributing assets.

Once your bankruptcy documents are filed, you will continue to work with your trustee to set a personal budget and meet your debt obligations. Until your debts are met your financial flexibility may be limited. This can be challenging but it is imperative to meet your obligations and discharge your bankruptcy as soon as possible.

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Our closest offices to Coquitlam if you require an in person meeting.

501 – 3292 Production Way, Burnaby, BC V5A 4R4
Call Us: 604-336-9533

Directions To Burnaby Offices for Maple Ridge Residents:  Our Burnaby office is located immediately beside the Production Way SkyTrain station at the corner of Production Way and Lougheed Highway. Hourly parking is available in the underground, credit card payment only, or free on the street.

Please note we also provide bankruptcy consultation and debt counselling out of our Burnaby Office in the following locations: Pitt MeadowsPort MoodyMissionPort CoquitlamMaple , New Westminster, Maple Ridge.

Learn Your Alternatives


Applying for personal bankruptcy releases you from your debts and gives you a fresh financial start. We’ll help you prepare documentation for bankruptcy and walk you through the proess.

Consumer Proposals

Let us negotiate a payment plan for you though the filing of a consumer proposal. You don’t have to file for bankruptcy. Pay your creditors on a modified payment schedule with no further interest.

Debt Help

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